Who We Are

We are a group of volunteers from across the spectrum of Veteran Service Organizations and individuals with backgrounds and focus points of “Service to Veterans”. We welcome everyone who is interested in helping homeless veterans.
Board of Directors

Our Mission

The El Paso County Homeless Veterans Coalition’s mission is to improve the lives of Homeless Veterans through direct service programs designed to overcome Veterans Homelessness.

Stand Down

“Stand Downs” originated when exhausted combat units in Vietnam were removed from the battle front to a safe place for respite. Today, a “Stand Down” refers to a one day community-based intervention program right here in Colorado Springs designed to help Colorado Needy and Homeless Veterans whose battlefield is now life on the streets.

Transitional Housing Initiative (THI)

The Transitional Housing Initiative is a focused effort that combines the resources and skills of various organizations and people to provide a direct path from homelessness to housing stability.