Policies and Procedures

Policy 1 – Eligibility for participation in all the services of the Stand Down and the Transitional Housing Initiative will be for those Homeless Veterans determined to have military discharges of other than Dishonorable.  For those Homeless Veterans for which a character of military discharge cannot be determined at the time of the Stand Down, services will be limited to referrals to available agencies and the Stand Down meal.   Adopted 05/14/2015

Policy 1a-Eligibility for participation in the Transitional Housing Initiative (THI) will be limited to those Veterans determined to have served their first enlistment.  A waver of this policy can be made by the consent of 3 EPCHVC Board of Directors members. Adopted 09/14/2017
Policy 2 - Eligibility for participation in the distribution of clothing and other personal property items at the Stand Down will be limited to those Veterans determined to be actually Homeless and residing in Colorado.  Adopted 05/14/2015
Policy 3 – The definition of what constitutes a Family Unit for participation in the Transitional Housing Initiative will be the Family Unit as determined by the Homeless Veteran.   Adopted 05/14/2015
Policy 4 – A Homeless Veteran determined to be required to be registered as a sex offender will not be eligible to participate in the Transitional Housing Initiative. Adopted 05/14/2015
Policy 5 - Agreements for fund raising events that use the EPCHVC Logo or state the event is for support of the EPCHVC will be submitted to and approved by the EPCHVC BOD  prior to the fund raising event taking place.  Adopted 06/11/2015
Policy 6 - The abuse of alcohol or illegal use of a Federally controlled  substance by a Transitional Housing Initiative participant or member of the participant’s family unit will result in the immediate termination of the participant and the family unit in the Transitional Housing Initiative if deemed appropriate by the Transitional Housing Initiative POC and one other BOD member. Adopted 06/11/2015
Policy 7 - Expenditures Policy and Procedures

All expenditures of EPCHVC funds will be documented by either a supporting invoice or signed statement by the person expending the funds stating the necessity of the expenditure and why a invoice / receipt is not available.  Individual expenditures and/or commitments to expend funds over $ 2,000 will be preapproved by the EPCHVC BOD during a Regular or Special Board of Directors Meeting.

The Board of Director’s will establish an approved annual budget for the fiscal year at the February Board of Director’s meeting and will provide the maximum limits of expenditures in each budget category. 

Budget Categories of Expenditures:

Stand Down
Transitional Housing Initiative
       Emergency Assistance
       Child Care
Fund Raising
General Administrative

In addition to the EPCHVC Chairman and Vice Chairman, personnel filling the following positions are authorized to approve expenditures from the appropriate budget categories up to the limits as established annual budget as follows:

Stand Down
     Stand Down POC
     Inventory POC
Transitional Housing Initiative (THI)
     THI POC
General Organizational Expenses and Fund Raising Expenses

If it becomes necessary to exceed a particular expenditure budget category limit, a request to exceed the budget category limit must be approved in writing by consent (email is appropriate) of at least a simple majority of the BOD members prior to the expenditure being incurred.

Both the Stand Down and the Transitional Housing Initiative should have at least one EPCHVC debit cardholder available on a regular basis in order to make tax-exempt purchases whenever possible.

Receipts for expenditures and requests for reimbursements will be given to the EPCHVC Treasurer as soon as possible after the expenditure takes place in order to provide a timely track of expenditures and provide reimbursements back to individuals as soon as possible.  Adopted 02/9/2017
Policy 8 - The Colorado Springs Police Department-Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) will be invited to participate in the Stand Down. Adopted 07/09/2015 
Policy 9 -If an organization other than the EPCHVC wants to distribute items such as sleeping bags, the organization will be allowed to distribute the items in the auditorium area and be responsible for the storing of those items.  Adopted 07/09/2015
Policy 10 - Check signers and Debit Card holders on the EPCHVC accounts will be approved annually by the EPCHVC BOD and recorded in the minutes of the BOD meeting.  Adopted 07/09/2015
Policy 11 - The EPCHVC Treasurer will maintain the EPCHVC account checkbook and report expenditures, income, and balances at each EPCHVC BOD meeting. Adopted 07/09/2015
Policy 12 - Keys to EPCHVC Storage unit will be maintained by the Chairman of the BOD and the Treasurer. Adopted 07/09/2015
Policy 13 - Donations of new clothing will be accepted by the EPCHVC for distribution at the Stand Down.  Donations of used clothing will not be accepted by the EPCHVC but be referred to other local agencies for their use and distribution.  Adopted 07/09/2015
Policy 14 - Members of a Homeless Veteran’s Family Unit will not be offered the same goods and services as the Homeless Colorado Veteran is offered at the Stand Down. Adopted 07/09/2015
Policy 15 – Homeless Veteran

The EPCHVC “Stand Down” is intended and funded for El Paso County Colorado Veterans experiencing actual homelessness.  “Homelessness” for the purpose of the “Stand Down” is defined as having stayed the previous night in a shelter or place not meant for human habitation such as vehicle, street, tent, and “couch surfing”.  Before entry into that area of the “Stand Down” where physical goods are distributed, veterans will be asked where they slept the previous night.  The determination of whether or not a particular veteran is homeless will be based solely on self-reporting by the veteran.

If the veteran answers the question as where they stayed the previous night with “home”, a medium to long term treatment facility, or “in their apartment”, they will be referred to other social service agencies that may be able to assist them with various needs they may have and they will not be given access to the area where physical goods are being distributed.  All Veterans will be given access to such services as VA medical and other services, dental checks, haircuts, and the meal.  Adopted 06/09/2016

Policy 16 - Veterans Emergency Assistance Fund

The EPCHVC Board of Directors understands the difficulties Homeless Veterans that have participated in the Transitional Housing Initiative (THI) face in maintaining a basic standard of living and health, including the maintenance of a home or apartment.  Based upon this understanding, the EPCHVC Board has created a Veterans Emergency Assistance Fund, to assist, as necessary, any veteran that has been / is a participant in the THI and finds themselves in need of emergency assistance that cannot be taken care of by other local resources in a timely manner.

Accordingly, the EPCHVC has pre-authorized the Chair of the Board of Directors, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors or the Treasurer, (Vice Chair and Treasurer with approval of the Chair) to disburse up to an annual amount of $ 2,000 for emergency or critical health and welfare needs of a particular Veteran who has participated in the THI for such items as food, shelter, health care, vehicle repairs, and transportation which other local resource options cannot meet in a timely manner. Eighty percent (80 %) of the amount(s) advanced to a particular Veteran are to be repaid by the Veteran to EPCHVC over a period of 18 months. Any amount advanced over $ 1,500 to a particular Veteran must be supported by new donation(s) / contribution(s) to EPCHVC before the advance is made.

Disbursements will only be made to a vendor of goods or services that can be supported with an appropriate invoice / receipts, shall be limited to an annual amount for all such needs to the annual budgeted amount for Veterans Emergency Assistance Fund, and be supported by a narrative describing why other sources of local assistance were not able to meet the need.

The Veterans Emergency Assistance Fund shall be established with an initial amount of $ 4,000.  Each fiscal year’s Veterans Emergency Assistance Fund beginning balance will be determined upon the decision of the EPCHVC Board of Directors as part of the budget process.  Adopted 04/14/2016 Amended 02/9/2017