Who We Are

The El Paso County Homeless Veterans Coalition (EPCHVC) traces its formation to the 1st Colorado Springs Homeless Veterans’ Stand Down organized in 1998 and was officially organized as a non-profit, tax exempt public charity in October 2001 under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The EPCHVC is currently completely funded by Donations from Individuals & Organizations.
The mission of the EPCHVC is to improve the lives of homeless and needy veterans through direct service programs. The veteran services we provide are organized into 3 separate but interrelated programs:

  1. Our annual Stand Down has been conducted every fall since 1998 in Colorado Springs, CO. The EPCHVC, along with many of our partnership organizations, provide both direct assistance and facilitate avenues of support to needy, at risk and homeless veterans. This assistance and support include providing homeless veterans new winter clothing and all veterans services such as shelter or housing referral, Veterans Affairs benefits counseling, Social Security benefits counseling, job search support, substance abuse services, haircuts, flu shots, dental exams, foot exams, animal services, assistance obtaining DD-214 military service discharge documents and providing referral connections to appropriate counseling or mental hygiene. Lunch meals are also provided to the veterans.
  2. Our Transitional Housing Initiative (THI) program takes homeless veterans and their families immediately (directly from the Stand Down) off the street and places them in a hotel up to 30 days. During this time, volunteers and staff from Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS), the VA Homeless Program, the Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center, the Pikes Peak Workforce Center and several other partnership entities, work to help the veterans find suitable, more permanent housing solutions, initial employment opportunities, life skills counseling, referral to other counseling, substance or mental hygiene services as appropriate as well as follow up on all support benefits that were identified during the Stand Down.
  3. Our Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP) provides year around support to needy veterans who are currently in suitable housing situations but have encountered a short-term life obstacles or challenges that could push them out of their housing and back onto the streets. Such obstacles include major car repairs, sudden loss of a job or other financial support, unanticipated medical challenges or other unanticipated needs. In coordination with our partnership organizations, we provide support to the veterans to help them overcome these temporary challenges, keep them in their housing, and help them prepare for future success.

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    What Is Our Mission

    The El Paso County Homeless Veterans Coalition’s mission is to improve the lives of Homeless Veterans through direct service programs designed to overcome Veterans Homelessness.

    How We Help

    Homeless Prevention Program

    The EPCHVC provides year round temporary emergency assistance assistance to Veterans and their families who might be experiencing extreme monetary difficulties from sudden, unexpected but temporary life challenges.
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    Stand Down for Homeless Veterans

    “Stand Downs” originated when exhausted combat units in Vietnam were removed from the battle front to a safe place for respite. Today, a “Stand Down” refers to a one day community-based intervention program right here in Colorado Springs designed to help Colorado Needy and Homeless Veterans whose battlefield is now life on the streets.
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    Transitional Housing Initiative (THI)

    The Transitional Housing Initiative is a focused effort that combines the resources and skills of various organizations and people to provide a direct path from homelessness to housing stability.
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