Transitional Housing Initiative (THI)

In 2012, the EPCHVC created its Transitional Housing Initiative (THI) to provide a helping hand up for “situationally homeless” veterans and their families are provided the opportunity to help themselves out of homelessness. Situationally Homeless Veterans are those who, through challenges in their life situation such as loss of employment, medical bills, etc., are experiencing homelessness of themselves and in many cases their families and only need that hand up to get their lives on a more stable track.

During the Annual Stand Down For Homeless Veterans 10-15 homeless veteran family units are identified to go through an intense screening & background process in order to be accepted into the THI Program for temporary housing up to 30 days while the primary Veteran(s) goes through an intensive period of life skills coaching, employment placement searching & more permanent housing placement often utilizing the various rent assistance programs available.

Casework management & training is provided by various EPCHVC partner organizations. Participants are required to sign a participation agreement where they agree to abide by certain standards of conduct while going through the program.

The EPCHVC is very proud that, since its inception, the program participants have experienced an over 90% success rate in maintaining a stable housing & employment situations beyond 1 year following their completion of the THI Program.

Volunteers are needed as Nighttime Supervisors for the THI:

Volunteers are needed to supply an Evening Dinner Meal for the THI: